Music for textiles (Spotify)

Monthly playlist on Spotify made especially for MOST by great Polish musician journalists: Jacek Hawryluk and Bartek Chaciński.


1. SAM DREAM (March 2021)

A velvety saxophone processed by colorful sound effects, unbalanced drum lines. And sewn in equal proportions, inspirations from jazz and hip-hop. We can find all this in the music of Sam Gendel and his friends. The playlist reflects the fluid reality of North Hollywood, musical outsiders - mainly from California and the surrounding area.

2. THE COLOUR OF SPRING (April 2021)

Pop that escaped into abstraction? 35 years ago, the album "The Colour of Spring" by Talk Talk was released, and its leader Mark Hollis, who has been recording synthesizer and dance hits so far, changed our expectations towards pop music. Simple colours have replaced washed, non-obvious colours, and regular, machine motifs - delicate and vivid accents stuck here and there with finesse and panache. A universal early spring soundtrack has been released, still valid today, when various artists refer to that aesthetics - directly, sometimes unconsciously, or maybe only through the freshness and vitality of their proposals.