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Pattern is a rhythm
Pattern is a rhythm

Muzyka dla tkanin (Spotify)

Monthly playlist on Spotify made especially for MOST by great Polish musician journalists: Jacek Hawryluk and Bartek Chaciński.


1. SAM DREAM (March)

A velvety saxophone processed by colorful sound effects, unbalanced drum lines. And sewn in equal proportions, inspirations from jazz and hip-hop. We can find all this in the music of Sam Gendel and his friends. The playlist reflects the fluid reality of North Hollywood, musical outsiders - mainly from California and the surrounding area.

Bartek Chaciński




Pop that escaped into abstraction? 35 years ago, the album "The Colour of Spring" by Talk Talk was released, and its leader Mark Hollis, who has been recording synthesizer and dance hits so far, changed our expectations towards pop music. Simple colours have replaced washed, non-obvious colours, and regular, machine motifs - delicate and vivid accents stuck here and there with finesse and panache. A universal early spring soundtrack has been released, still valid today, when various artists refer to that aesthetics - directly, sometimes unconsciously, or maybe only through the freshness and vitality of their proposals.

Bartek Chaciński



The words of Brian Eno “The problem with computers is that there is not enough Africa in them” are no longer relevant. The african music composers do use computers. European music world is closer to Africa than ever. So is the african music is closer to Europe. The influences are mutual, and the computers have more and more Africa in them. We hope you will hear it in this monthly HCH playlist (created on a PC) especially for THE MOST.

Bartek Chaciński


It is no longer embarrassing to listen to the arabic pop or the turkish disco. At least for those who will listen to this playlist. The Middle East is home to the best dance music, whereas records from India and Pakistan are more than just a yoga music playlist. Polish instrumentalist (Marek Pędziwiatr, Wacław Zimpel) travel to the East to participate in musical projects. We follow them on this journey. You cannot believe where it has taken us this time. We finish our monthly HCH playlist created for THE MOST on the 1st of July in a deep trance. Please do not travel too far before the July playlist is released.

Bartek Chaciński

5. HEAT WAVES (July)

Somewhere in between the Fourth of July and the French Bastille Day (14th of July) we took inspiration from careless vacation moments. The playlist we created can be played at a summer break garden party, as well as during a trip to the other part of Europe. We begin our journey at the french Cote d’Azur together with Serge Gainsbourg and we finish at the Californian beach with Carlos Niño. The road now seems quite blurry. Surely, we will have to do a replay. The summer time playlist HCH created for THE MOST we present to you positive that with this compilation the summer will never be plainly lukewarm.
Bartek Chaciński



20 years ago a producer using a laptop on stage was a thing. Some have even said that a guitar will soon become obsolete. A laptop did make a lot of noise. All in all, the PC did not kill the guitars. Instead, it started to complete them (just like in the music of Fenneus), and became a familiar part of each music concert. The computer music was popularised, among others, by a music label called Mego. It was led for over 25 years by the recently deceased Peter "Pita" Rehebrg. This August HCH playlist for the Most is a tribute for Pita, his followers and the computer music revolution.
Bartek Chaciński



This is a double September. Looking at the past months and the last September this month seems like a double restart. Hence, we have decided to give this playlist a double energetic pump. Please kindly do not read the "You Can Do It" from the Caribou song as a meek form of coaching. Nor the "Leave it" from Quickly, Quickly as an invitation to abandon your current lifestyle. Everything will be alright in the end, if it is not alright it means it is not the end of our playlist. All you need is a good soundtrack. This monthly HCH playlist for the MOST was created by Jacek Hawryluk and Bartek Chaciński.



We have mixed feelings about October, and a lot of uncertainty, since this busy month doesn't allow us to stop and make a decision. We begin with the character of this month - the Cabaret Voltaire ( Richard H Kirk), the Cold War atmosphere and the Cold wave. Another inspiration is the colour red. It's not about the red leaves, but the alarming and fast pace, right before the engine overheats. Caution: this playlist may contain traces of stories about submarines. We present to you, a quite hot, it seems, an October soundtrack. Made by the fantabulous Jacek Hawryluk and Bartek Chaciński, the October playlist especially for THE MOST.



This time it is all about November and the Rain. As shocking as it may be, you will not hear the title song of this playlist in it. It is not difficult to create a "November Rain" set without it. November, it seems, is one of the most inspiring months for the musicians. As for the rain, we have known for years now, that it is the most inspiring type of weather condition. This HCH playlist was created especially for THE MOST by Jacek Chawryluk and Bartek Chaciński, both inspired by both the weather and the month. 


10. HCHristmas (HCH, DECEMBER)

Christmas playlist.

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