Anna Grabowska

Born in 1995, textile designer and painter. Graduated with honours from Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, Textile and Fashion Design Department. In her works she focuses on the subject of colour, which is her main mean of expression and is always the result of the precisely planned structure of the jacquard fabric. Her master diploma considering the topic of colour vision of various living organisms received honourable mentions in the national competition for best design diploma of 2020 – Design32 and in PRIME TIME 2020, the competition for the best diploma of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź.

products designed by Anna Grabowska

Sago Sago Sage
Sago Sago Sage Pillowcase

zł 105,00

Sago Sago Grey
Sago Sago Grey Bedspread

zł 450,00

Sago Jungle Green
Sago Jungle Green Pillowcase

zł 105,00

Sago Jungle
Sago Jungle Jacquard

zł 225,00

Sago sago sage
Sago sago sage Jacquard

zł 225,00

Sago Jungle Green
Sago Jungle Green Bedspread

zł 400,00 Sold Out

Sago sago green
Sago sago green Bedspread

zł 400,00

Sago Jungle Grey PC
Sago Jungle Grey PC Pillowcase

zł 105,00

Sago-sago green
Sago-sago green Jacquard

zł 225,00